How Do I Make My Own Website ?

Short Video Shows How! Make a Website Today!  

Want to know how do I make my own website and other information you need to know?  The techies try to make it sound hard but these days it's very easy.  If you made it to this website you already have all the skills you need to build your own website in minutes.  You don't need technical experience or a lot of money. 

The following short video below gives you a basic overview of everything you need to know about how to make a web site yourself. 

Step 1:  Watch this " How do I make my own website ?" Video

I grabbed this short video from Act Now Domains which is the company I use.  It does a great job of showing the steps for how to make a website.



Website Companies I Like and Recommend

Act Now Domains, which is the company that has the web builder in the video, is the service that is my favorite and the one that I use myself and recommend to my family and friends. It has the best website builder software out there and it's especially easy for a beginner starting out but also powerful enough for advanced users. It comes with a great selection of professionally designed templates and images to choose from as well as all of the essential items you need and it really is as easy as they say.

Plus, they are very reasonably priced, have great support and they are reliable. They have been around since 2001 so they aren't a here-today, gone-tomorrow type company. I have over 300 domains with them and think they are great. Plus they give you a lot of cool freebies like free advertising and other marketing help.

Another company I like is iPower. They have also been around since 2001, are affordable, and have good support.


Step 2:  Get My Step by Step Tutorial

The video gives a nice little overview, but you may want more - like, say, the exact steps actually required to make a website.  That's where my handy-dandy and free "How do I make a website" handout comes in.  I walk you step by step through the complete process. 

This FREE tutorial will make your life a LOT easier when you are building your website.  It will answer a lot of your questions and help you avoid making common mistakes.   

Click here for my Step By Step

Website Building Tutorial

If you do go with Act Now Domains make sure to get the tutorial before getting started.  It will really help you out.  I use their web builder to show the steps for how to make a website since it's the builder I like the best. 

Need more info about building a website click here


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