Web Design Tips

Do's and Don'ts for a Great Website

Looking for some web design tips for your new website?  That's very smart because so many people make dumb web design mistakes that end up costing them visitors and sales.  No one purposefully makes a bad website yet a lot of people do without realizing it. 

Here are some do's and don'ts to help you make a great website.

Web Design Tips for a Great Website

DO keep your website simple.  This applies to both your text and design. 

For text, the shorter, the better.  Don't take two paragraphs to say what you could say in two words.  These days many people have the attention span of a fruit fly and don't read a lot of text. 

For design, get rid of the clutter.  The simpler and 'cleaner' your website page looks the more your visitor will focus on what you want them to.  Try to keep at least 1/5 of your page as 'white' or open space. 

DO make sure your website's purpose is IMMEDIATELY clear to visitors.  Your visitors should know at a glance what your website is about.  You have just over 1 second to grab their attention.  If they don't see that you have what they want in that time, they leave.

This is SUPER important because so many websites fail on this one and it's absolutely critical to your website's success.  If you are selling something make sure a visitor can IMMEDIATELY tell what you are selling.  Don't put a bunch of text above the items for sale thinking that people will read the text and then see the images.  Some will but most won't bother scrolling down the page.  Those visitors are gone forever. 

A way to test this on your own website is to pull up your website and just glance at it.  Don't scroll down the page.  Is it obvious what you are selling?  Does your headline show what you sell (good) or does it tell the name of your company instead (not good)?

DON'T have music or videos play automatically when a visitor arrives to your site.  A lot of people surf the net at work (I know, shocking!) and if they arrive on a site that blasts out music or a video they quickly hit the back button and leave.  That's a visitor that won't be back.  Give them the option of turning on the music or video. 

DO be consistent with fonts and colors.  Don't mix and match fonts and colors.  Use the same font throughout your website and use the same color scheme. 

DO avoid crazy colors.  Different computer monitors show colors differently.  What may look like a beautiful 'golden yellow' on your monitor may look like ugly brown-yellow or day-glow neon yellow on other people's monitor.  Just stick with one of the basic colors for your website and you will be fine.

DON'T use a Black Background.   Studies show that a black background is the absolute worst to have because visitors stay the shortest times on those sites that have black backgrounds with white or colored text.  The best background color to have in the body of your website is white with black text (like this site! Hmmm.  How about that?!)

DON'T use flash except for small items on your website.  If you absolutely must use flash programming on your website limit it to small items like your header or navigation bar. 

Some people use it for an intro page because it looks 'cool' and 'expensive' but it really deters visitors which is the main point of any website.  People don't have the patience for those any more.  They were a short-lived fad, like disco.

Some web designers build entire sites in flash.  That's just crazy.  It is hard to change the text on those and it hurts you with the search engines. 

If you follow these simple web design tips your site will be better than most websites out there and will encourage your visitors to remain on your website. 

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