Good Website Names

How to Choose a Domain Name that's Great!

There are certain things that make good website names "good."  Here's what you need to know so you choose a good domain name now that won't get you in trouble later on.

Tips for How to Pick a Domain Name

1.  Get a .com if at all possible.  .coms are what most people automatically type in when they try to get to a website so they are the best to get.  If you have to get an alternate go with the .net or .org as they are also acceptable because they are so well known. 

If you expect your business to be successful make sure to pick a .com domain name.  You've heard of Earthlink right?  Did you know that when they started out they got the .net version ( because the .com was taken? 
They ended up having to pay BIG BUCKS to buy because they were losing out on so many customers and potential customers who typed in to reach them. 

What about 'exotic' domain extensions like .biz or .info?  While they aren't bad to use for offshoots of your website (like a blog or faqs section) I don't recommend them for your main website.  If you do go with them for that just know that you will be losing type in traffic that you would ordinarily receive because people are just programmed to type in .com when typing in a website name.

2.  Keep it short.  The shorter the better.  People have a tendency to misspell words so the shorter the domain name the better chance that users will type it in correctly and reach your website.  

3.  Don't get cutesy with the spelling of your website name.  Don't use the alternate spelling of any words in your domain.  Try to use the most common spelling of a word as that is what people will remember when they try to reach you again. 

For example, is harder for people to remember correctly than  Don't get fancy or cute with the spelling of your domain name.  If you want to get creative, that's fine just spell it the most common way.

4. Keep it simple. Choose a domain name that accurately reflects your business or website.  Don't just make up a word to use to be clever unless the word you make up actually has to do with your website topic.

5.  Don't use dashes.  People don't remember to type in dashes and will usually just type in the domain name without dashes so if you use dashes in your domain name you will lose customers and visitors to the site that has the same name without the dashes.  For example, don't use if is available.

6.  If there are alternate spellings for your domain name then get the domain names with those alternatives IF you can afford it.  For example, when I started this domain name I was clueless and thought sounded cool.  I should have also gotten because some people remember the '2' as 'To.'  

Basically, just be smart when you choose your website name and don't do anything too wacky or with crazy spelling and you will be fine.

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