Ways to Earn Money

List of Best Ideas for Business You Can Start at Home

Want to know LEGITIMATE ways to earn money on the internet that actually work? You're in the right place. 

It IS possible to earn money online.  I'm living proof.  I quit my job in 2002 because I was making money from home on the internet and was able to support myself.  I've been supporting myself by making money online ever since. 

The ideas for business that I list below DO work for thousands of people; however, they don't work overnight and they do require time and effort.  There is no such thing as a 'get rich quick' business no matter what the scam artists try to tell you.  So, if you are looking for some get-rich-quick type ideas that really work, you aren't going to find them here or anywhere else.

If you are looking for a legitimate business and are willing to put time and energy into your business then you may want to give one of the business ideas below a shot. 

Ways to Earn Money:  Best Ideas for Business to Start

affiliate business

Program Affiliate

With this type of business you market products for established companies.  If someone you refer buys a product, you earn money.  It is free to sign up as a program affiliate but you will need your own website.  

Click here to learn how to start an affiliate business.


how to make money on ebay

Make Money on Ebay

Selling on ebay can be a great source of income.  It's very easy to get started and if you don't have much time it's easy to fit your ebay selling around your schedule.

Click here to see how to make money on ebay.

I know.  It's a short list.  The reason is that these are ways to make money that actually workThousands of regular people just like you make money with these businesses every single day! 

There are a lot of ideas out there that don't work that people will try to convince you do but these are the ones that actually do work and not just for a few 'special people.'  They work for a LOT of people!

I don't know that these business ideas will work for you because I don't know how much time and effort you are going to put into it, but I can with certainty tell you that these ways to earn money have proven successful for thousands of people. 

My list of business ideas that aren't worth your time and energy is much longer.  If you decide you want to do something else, here is my list of ways to earn money that DON'T work for most people regardless of what the hucksters say: 

Ideas for Businesses that DO NOT WORK for most people:
* Turnkey businesses that are already set up for you
* Network marketing, multi-level marketing
* Businesses you buy off ebay
* Cash Gifting Programs
* Any 'Business,' 'System' or 'Program' that Makes you Pay to Join or Get Started
* Email Processing
* Any Business or Program that Guarantees you will Make Money
* Any Business that Has Pictures of Money, Fancy Cars, or Mansions on its Website

#1 Rule to Remember:   If someone wants YOU to pay THEM to buy a business, join a program, or sell products, RUN.  

If you are serious about making money put your time and energy into a business where it's actually possible for you to succeed like being an affiliate or selling on ebay, instead of wasting your time on some scam or business where the deck is stacked against you. 

You CAN be successful online IF you are willing to put the time and energy into it.



Disclosure: I receive payment from about 25% of the companies mentioned on this site.

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