How to Make Money on Ebay

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Want to know how to make money on ebay?  It's very easy.  Thousands of other people make extra money online every day on ebay and you can too!

There are three things you need to have in order to make money on ebay:  an item to sell, an ebay account and a Pay Pal account.

You DO NOT need to pay anyone to help you sell on ebay, show you a secret system for selling or give you a 'great deal' on products you can sell there.  The only money you should be paying out of your pocket to start with is your listing fee to ebay which will be just a dollar or two.

What to Sell on Ebay

How to Sell on Ebay

How to Accept Money on Ebay

What to Sell on Ebay

If you are just starting out I HIGHLY recommend just selling some things you have at home to start.  We all have things we want to get rid of and that 'junk' can turn into cash when you sell it on ebay. 

If you are one of the only people in the world that doesn't have anything to get rid of, then go to your local thrift shop - they have lots of used items there. 

As you get more comfortable with the selling process, you will want to narrow your sales focus down to just a certain type of item.  That way you will get familiar with how much money you can make on ebay selling that type of item so will know how much money you can pay to get the item.

I can't stress that last part enough as that is THE SECRET to making money consistently on ebay: when you only sell one type of item you get really good at finding deals and making a profit on that type of item. 

That is THE secret if you want to make extra money online selling on ebay.  Don't try to sell everything.  Instead, you want to become an expert at ONE type of product. 

How to Sell on Ebay

Here are the three basics steps to take in order to make money on ebay.  Again, the process is VERY easy.

1.  Create an Ebay Seller's Account - this is just like any other online account you have ever created.  You create a username, password, etc.

You will also need to give your credit card information.  This is so you can pay the fee they charge to list your item for sale.  They also take a percentage of the final sale price (very small) but you don't pay that until someone actually buys your product.

2.  Create Your Ebay Listing - in this step you enter information about the product you are selling.  The more detail you put in the better.  Also, pictures help a lot so if you can make sure to get a picture of your product.

3.  Ship Your Product - when someone pays you for your product you ship it to them.  It's a good idea to send it the same way other sellers selling your item are sending their products (ex: by UPS, Fed Ex, Priority Mail, etc.) You want to send out the product within ONE day of receiving payment for it.

Selling isn't hard at all and what's great is that ebay has a lot of great tutorials that walk you step by step through it.  Check out their free Getting Started Selling on Ebay guide for more detailed information. 

How to Accept Money on Ebay

The most common way to accept payment from your ebay buyers is through a Pay Pal account.  Pay Pal is owned by ebay and is the most common way people transfer money over the internet.

Your ebay buyer can pay your Pay Pal account with their credit card then Pay Pal will send you the money.

You will want to get a Pay Pal Business Account.  It lets you accept credit cards from your ebay buyers.  It is FREE.  Pay Pal makes their money by taking a small percentage (2-3%) of the total sales price.

See how easy it is?  That's really all there is to it!  You now know how to make money on ebay.  You CAN make extra money online starting today!  



Disclosure: I receive payment from about 25% of the companies mentioned on this site.

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