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Start your own Affiliate Business Today

Being a Program Affiliate is one of the few legitimate ways of making money on the internet that is FREE to start.  In fact, thousands of people earn a living with their own affiliate business every day!  It is FREE to join most affiliate programs although in most cases you will need your own website.

With an affiliate business you market products for established companies.  If someone you refer buys a product from the merchant you represent, you make money. 

What's great about being a program affiliate:

* The product merchant ships the products, you don't.
* Free to join so no financial risks to take - just requires your time and effort
* Product merchant deals with customers, not you
* Product merchant deals with customer billing, not you
* You collect commission checks for everyone you refer

Products You Can Promote

There are hundreds of thousands of products you can promote as a program affiliate for free.  If you can think of a product chances are there is an affiliate program that you can promote that product with.

For example, you could promote the following products:  clothes, jewelry, computer equipment, concert tickets, pregnant belly casts(!), candy, matchmaking services, pet products and the list goes on and on.

If there is a store selling it online, there is likely an affiliate business promoting it.

In order to start an affiliate business you will need to first have a website.  Most affiliate programs check out your website to make sure that it is a good fit for their products. 
In order to make sure you don't build your website and then not be able to join an affiliate program, you want to ensure that there are at least 3 companies with affiliate programs that have products you want to promote. 
This is easy info to find - just go to google and type in <whatever type product you want to promote> and the word affiliate. 
This will bring up all the different companies that have affiliate programs for that product.  If there are more than 3 companies with affiliate programs for your product chances are really good that one of those companies will let you join their program. 
Important:  Only promote merchants that you know are good for the people you refer, regardless of how much money you could make promoting a bad merchant's products.  It's the right thing to do as both a person and as a business owner. 
Hands down, the best website builder to use for your new affiliate business is Site Build It.  I do NOT recommend them for regular 'non-affiliate' websites as you can make a website a lot cheaper and easier than with their system, but they are fantastic for beginners to use for their affiliate websites.
Why?  The hardest part of being a program affiliate is figuring out how to get traffic to your website.  You only make money if you refer people to the merchant you are promoting and for that you need people to actually visit your website. 
The Site Build It system helps you figure out the best search terms to go after for the products you want to promote and helps you craft your website so that your website is set up and geared to get you visitors.  
This helps you get FREE traffic to your website which means you have a much greater chance of making money with your affiliate business. 
Search terms are what people type into google when looking for something.  If you are on the first page of google for a product you are promoting you have a better chance of making the sale and making a commission than if you are on page 50.  Site Build It helps you target the search terms that give you the best and easiest chance of getting to the top of google.
Being a program affiliate takes work just like any other business.  If you are willing to put the time and energy into using the Site Build It system it can help you make your affiliate business successful.  What's great about it too is that once you set it up and are generating traffic and income from your site, your affiliate business usually pretty much runs on auto pilot.
So, the short version of all of this is:  if you're willing to put the time and effort into setting up your affiliate website with the Site Build It system the hard work you put in at the beginning can lead to you earning an ongoing income on auto-pilot later on.
If you don't want to do any work or are looking for some 'get rich quick' type business, save yourself the hassle because it does take time and effort. 
The results can be VERY profitable for you but it does take effort.
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Disclosure: I receive payment from about 25% of the companies mentioned on this site.

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