Best Wordpress Twitter Plugins

Best Free WP Twitter Plugins for your Blog

These are the best and most well-known wordpress twitter plugins for your blog.  They are also very easy to install. 

WP to Twitter - this neat little plugin posts an update to your twitter account every time you write a post to your blog.  This is great because you don't have to manually update your Twitter account separately.  Just do a blog post and boom! it goes out to your Twitter followers.

Twitter to WP - this cool plugin does the reverse.  It posts your Twitter tweets into the sidebar of your blog.   

Twitter Tweet Button - this neat widget lets you put a Tweet button on your blog posts or blog so others can send out your blog post to their Twitter followers.  

Twitter Comments - this one is great because if someone re-tweets your blog post and there are replies to that tweet this widget will automatically add the tweet and replies to your blog comments automatically. 

Twitter Friends Widget - this is also a great one to have as it makes your blog look really colorful and injects personality into it.  It shows your Twitter friends and followers on your blog site the same way they appear on your Twitter page.   

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