Best Wordpress Facebook Plugins

Best Free WP Facebook Plugins for your Blog

These are the best and most well-known wordpress facebook plugins for your blog.  They are also very easy to install. 

Embed Facebook - this plugin is really neat especially if you are an avid facebook user.  This plugin lets you embed already created public items from your Facebook site into your blog automatically.  For example, you can put your FB albums, events, videos, notes, group and photos into your blog! 

Facebook Members - this is a great little plugin that enables you to get "Likes" from Facebook members to posts on your blog and see their comments about your posts automatically. 

Facebook Comments for WP - this one is also pretty cool because it lets FB members that are logged in to their FB accounts to comment to your blog using their Facebook profile. 

Simple Facebook Connect - this plugin lets you give your blog a lot of the same functions as you have on your facebook page including letting people comment using their facebook indentity, providing all the usual facebook buttons and letting you automatically publish your new blog posts to your facebook fan page.


For other cool wp plugins, check out my list of best free plugins below.  I break them down by category to make it easier to find ones that fit your needs.  With the 13,000+ plugins in the Wordpress Plugin Directory it's hard to sort through the junk to find the good ones without spending a bunch of time so these lists will be helpful to you.   

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