Best WP SEO Plugins

Help your Blog get Ranked in the Search Engines

If you have a blog you want other people to read it.  In order to get a lot of visitors it helps to be ranked high in the search engines.  These are the best wp seo plugins out there that can help you with this.  They are all free.

Google XML Sitemap Generator - this one is a must have.  If you get no other plugin, make sure to get this one.  It generates a sitemap that  the search engines like.  Every time you add a new post it automatically adds your new post to the sitemap so that Google and the other search engines can easily find the new post and add it to their listings.

Wordpress SEO - another must have plugin if you want your blog to rank well in Google and the other search engines.  This one lets you easily create meta tag information for each new post you make as well as a lot of other functions that help you optimize your blog for the search engines.  This is an 'all in one' type plugin.  Highly Recommended!

SEO Rank Reporter - this nifty plugin lets you enter the keywords you want to track and it will automatically track your blog's rankings in Google for those keywords every 3 days. 

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