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Search Engine Ranking Optimization for Your Website

The SEO Optimize your Website step isn't difficult but it's important that you do it correctly so you get the most benefit from it and don't end up shooting yourself in the foot with it.  (For steps 1 and 2, please click here.)

SEO Optimize - What does it mean?

What does it mean to Optimize Your Website?

This just means that you will add your keywords into the text of your website in a natural manner so that it will help the search engines know that your website is about your keyword.  

Add your keyword to the title of your page, in the header area, in the first paragraph and then sprinkle the keyword throughout the page every couple of paragraphs.  The key is to do this in a natural manner.  You want to do it in such a way that it makes sense to a reader. 

For example, the keyword for this page is SEO Optimize.  Can you see how many times I used it on this page?  Do you see how natural the text reads using those words?  That's what you want to do with your own keyword.

What's Next?

Now you have your keywords, your meta tags and have inserted your keyword onto your website.  That's great!  You now have done everything you can on your site to optimize it for the search engines. 

The next and final step is to Get Links from other websites to your website.   

If you want help with optimizing your website, I recommend Search Engine Visibility.  It's a fantastic tool that will analyze your website for you to make sure it's set up correctly for the search engines.  It's cheap, easy to use and great for beginners. 

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Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

Step 1:  SEO Keywords

Step 2:  SEO Meta Tags

Step 3:  SEO Optimize

Step 4:  Get Links

This is just a brief look at the basics of SEO Optimization.  For more specific information on choosing the right keyword, how to analyze your competition and how to optimize your website, you may find my ebook on How to Start and Grow your Internet Business helpful.  I go into a lot more detail there. 




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