SEO Meta Tags Tutorial for Beginners

SEO Meta Tags - What are They and Why You Should Care?

SEO Meta Tags are the easiest part of the search engine optimization process.  Setting up your meta tags will take you less than five minutes to add to your website once you have determined the keywords you want to use (not sure what keywords are, click here.)

What are Meta Tags

Why Should You Care about Meta Tags

How to Insert Meta Tags on Your Website

What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are little techie snippets that you put into the code of your website to tell search engines what your website is about.  If you use your web host's website builder to build your website they will provide an area for you to add your meta tags so you just fill in the information in the boxes provided.  You don't need to do any techie stuff.  

There are three main meta tags:  title, keywords and description.

Meta Tag Title: This is the title of your website or web page.  It is usually no more than 5 or 6 words.  Look at the very top of your internet browser.  You will see that the title of this page is "SEO Meta Tags - Easy Free Tutorial for Beginners"   That is the Meta Tag title I inserted into this web page.

Meta Tag Keywords:  Keywords are what your web page is about.  You just want to put one or two keywords in this section.  For example, my meta tag keyword for this page is:  seo meta tags.

Meta Tag Description:  The Description is a short 1-2 line descriptor of your web page.  In most cases your description will show up in the search engine under your title so if someone is searching for your keyword they will see your description in the results. 

In the example below, you see the Title is what shows up in Blue and Underlined.  The Description is what is below the title.

Why Care about Meta Tags?

Meta tags used to be very important for search engine optimization however their importance has lessened quite a bit over the years.  The Title and Description are the most important meta tags while some search engines just give importance to the title these days. 

Still, it's a good idea to add the Title, Description and Keywords to your website.  It won't hurt and may help. 

How to Insert Meta Tags onto your Website

If you use your web host's website builder it's very easy to add meta tags to your website and takes just a minute or two. 

The exact steps vary depending on your web builder, but usually it's in the Properties or Meta Data section of your web builder. 

There will usually be a box where you enter your Title, Description and Keywords. 

Warning:  Do NOT spam the search engines with your keywords by entering your keyword more than one or two times in the Keywords section.  That can end up hurting you because the search engines think you are trying to trick them and do bad guy tactics. 

What's Next?

Now that you know what keywords you want to use and have added the meta tags to your website, the next step is to do search engine ranking optimization on the text of your website.   

If you want help with figuring out what meta tags to use and optimizing your website, I recommend Search Engine Visibility.  It's a great tool to help you figure out your keywords and analyzes your website to make sure it's set up correctly for the search engines.  It's cheap, easy to use and great for beginners. 

Click here to go to Step 3:  Search Engine Ranking Optimization for Your Website

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

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This is just a brief look at the basics of SEO meta tags.  For more specific information on choosing the right keyword, how to analyze your competition and how to optimize your website, you may find my ebook on How to Start and Grow your Internet Business helpful.  I go into a lot more detail there. 




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