Why Flash Websites are Bad for You

What Web Designers Don't Tell You About Flash


Some web designers love flash websites.  Some of your competitors may have them too.  So, you may be thinking of getting one for yourself or your business.  Don't do it.  Flash websites are bad for you.

What are Flash websites?

Why are Flash websites bad?

What are Flash Websites?

Flash websites are websites where everything is animated - the graphics as well as the text.  

Here's an example of a flash website - We Choose the Moon

Why Flash Websites are Bad for You

The website shown above takes a while to load but overall it's a really cool looking site.  So, why shouldn't you have a website that looks cool like this too?   Several reasons:

1.  Flash websites aren't search engine friendly.

This is the biggest reason flash websites are bad for you.

Unless you have a huge advertising budget or your website's content is so amazing that thousands of people will voluntarily link to it (like the Apollo 11 website above), then you are going to want your website to do well in the search engines like Google and Bing so you can get free traffic to your site.

In order to rank well on Google, Google needs to know what your website is about.  One of the major ways it knows is through the text on your website.  If your content is all about strawberries, then google thinks "Ah-ha! This site is about strawberries." and will rank it with the other sites about strawberries.

With flash websites Google can't see the text content of the website.  Google just sees flash as an image not text.  So, with flash, google won't know what your website is about.

It is s critical to your website's success that you optimize it for the search engines so it does well.  Flash websites make that really difficult if not impossible for most non-techies.

2.  Flash websites are expensive to maintain.

Since flash websites are made up of graphics if you want to make a change in the text or content of your website it's a real hassle.  The changes need to be made to the original source, then the flash file(s) need to be re-created.  It is not something you can just 'learn to do on your own' unless you want to spend a lot of time, effort and money doing so. 

Every time you require a change to your website, it will cost you money - usually $50-$100 per hour of work.

3.  Flash websites can become useless if you and your web designer part ways.

In order to edit a flash website, the original files are required, not just the files most web designers load up to your web hosting account.  Without these original, editable files, your website cannot be changed without completely re-creating the original files.

If you and your web designer part ways it will be almost impossible for you to hire someone to make changes or updates to your website for you. The new web designer would need to re-create the original files which could end up costing you as much as you originally paid for your website in the first place.

4.  Visitors don't like flash websites.

When you click onto a flash website do you wait on it to load?  Or, are you like most people who just hit the back button and find another website that is faster?

It's hard enough to get people to your website you don't want to do anything that will cause them to hit the back button and having a website that takes a while to load will cause at least some visitors to leave. 

Last Thoughts:

Flash websites are bad for you BUT having some flash on your website is okay.  For example, a header that has flash movement in it is okay.  The search engines can still see your website's content, it loads fast and it's easy to get a new one made if you and your web designer part ways.

A regular non-flash website is much better for you.  I recommend that most people build a website themselves but if you don't want to build your website yourself, click here to hire a web designer.

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