Why it's Better to Pay for Blog Hosting

Pay Now ... or Pay Later


There are several different blog software companies out there you can use to build your own blog.  The biggest and best is Wordpress.  The price is right (it's free!) and it has thousands of templates you can choose from and basically it's just really cool and will do everything you want. 

Now, for the negative ....  I don't recommend the free 'do it on your own' version.  I know, I know.  Free is usually better and I'm all for it in most cases, but unless you are a techie genius I don't recommend it when it comes to blog hosting.  Here's why:

3 Reasons NOT to use the Free Version of Wordpress

1.  No support.
  Wordpress is free so it doesn't offer support.  This means if you run into trouble when you build your own blog you can't just call someone and have them help you.  You are completely on your own.  Unless you are a techie wiz, this can be very frustrating. 
2.  Bad URL
  With Wordpress your blog name will be a huge long name like http://Your-Blog-Name.wordpress.org/  People aren't going to remember that and it's going to prevent you from getting your blog ranked well in the search engines. 
3. YOU are Responsible For All Software Updates
  If you aren't a techie this can be a real nightmare.  Know how much of a hassle some updates can be with your computer?  They are twice as much fun with blogs and websites.   

So, now you know how great Wordpress blogs are but what a bad idea it is to go with their free service, so what's the alternative?

Go with a web host company that offers AND supports Wordpress software.

The reason is that the web host company will be responsible for the software updates, you can get your own domain name for your blog AND there will be someone to help you if you need help with your blog.

The Wordpress web host I recommend is Act Now Domains. It's who I use.  They have been in business since 2001, have great support and are cheap.




Disclosure: I receive payment from about 25% of the companies mentioned on this site.

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