Buying a Domain Name

Tips You Need to Know BEFORE You Buy

There are certain things that you need to know when buying a domain name.  If you don't know these BEFORE you register your domain it can cause problems for you later on.

Buying A Domain Name:  Tips You Need to Know

1. DO make sure that your domain name is registered in YOUR name not the company who is registering your domain name for you.

This is very important.  Whomever is listed as the registered owner of a web name is also the legal owner of it.  If you register your domain with a company and you end up not liking them for whatever reason, if the domain is registered in their name they do not have to release it to you.  Sometimes they will, sometimes they won't. 
Why even take the chance?  Avoid the uncertainty from the beginning and go with a company like Act Now Domains that will register the domain name in your name, not theirs. 

2.  DO make sure that your registrar (the company that you buy your domains from) has great customer service. 

You've had enough lousy customer service in your life to know the importance of this one. 

How can you tell if they are good or not?  Call them up and talk to them?  Can you understand the person on the other end?  Do they understand you?  Were they there when you called? 

Most larger companies will have a short wait when you call in and that's normal in the website services arena.  Be a bit skeptical if you call during normal hours and someone answers on the first ring or if you call after hours and you never reach a live person.

3.  DO provide a real email address when you register your domain name.

If you are one of those people who provide a secondary 'spam' email address when you sign up online, don't do it when you get your web name. 

The address you sign up with - the Domain Registrant's Administration Email Address, to be specific - is the address your registrar will use to contact you and let you know that your domain name is coming up for renewal or your credit card has expired. 

If you give a bogus email address or give an address you don't check very often you can end up losing your domain name because you didn't know it was up for renewal.   A lot of people end up losing their domain name because of this.  Don't let it happen to you.

Each registrar is different but the one I use and have hundreds of domains with - Act Now Domains - only sends out a couple of emails a year and doesn't bombard you with a bunch of spammy sales pitches like a lot of companies do so if you go with them it's safe to give them a valid email address. 


Ready to get started?  Here is a FREE domain search tool that you can use to search for your domain at Act Now Domains.



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